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The WWE heel called the Browns quarterback 'Johnny Idiot Face,' and said that neither he nor LeBron James would ever bring the city a title.

The quarterback is expected to join his Browns teammates for offseason training activities next week.

'It's obvious that [Manziel] would be a point of attention,' said Cleveland Coach Mike Pettine.

The quarterback then needs to prove that he actually belongs on an NFL roster.

Two words: Johnny Football.

According to the rapper, 'it's a jinx.'

The spandex-clad "Johnny JamBoogie" won't be seen leading any aerobics classes for a while.

Yet another partying-related incident for the embattled player, who had vowed to take his quarterbacking job more seriously.

His career depends on whether he can grow up.

The quarterback indicates to the media that he needs to prove to the Browns that he is fully committed to getting better.

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