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The Kansas City pitcher is quickly developing a reputation as a major league instigator.

A sign 29 years in the making.

Laurence Leavy claims that, during Game 1, he was asked to move to a luxury box or remove his orange jersey.

That was one of the few in-game bright spots for the Korean Royals superfan, whose talismanic presence some feel has run its course.

The wife of Royals pitcher Wade Davis must have really enjoyed her meal at a Kansas City-area restaurant.

According to an ESPN poll, we are all Royals fans, at least for the next few days.

The K.C. super-fan was just joking. We think.

Alex Gordon does the Game 4 honors, as his Royals complete a glovely sweep of the Orioles.

The third baseman dives over a railing and headlong into a section of on-field fan seating in order to snare a foul ball.

Things got off to an incredible start with the Royals' comeback-strewn, 12-inning win over the A's.

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