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The Washington Post

Disgraced cyclist "trusted that Crow would have no desire to tell the press or anyone else," authors write.

Bronze from 2000 Sydney Games has been returned to IOC.

Back on a bike, disgraced cyclist says, "I didn't invent [doping] and I didn't end it."

Disgraced cyclist plans to ride for "three or four" days.

Disgraced cyclist says winning in his era would have been impossible without doping.

Cyclist taped his confessional interview with Oprah Winfrey in the house.

Banned from international competition because of doping, former cyclist can't compete in triathlons and marathons, either.

Disgraced cyclist declines to tell the agency about doping.

Disgraced cyclist says cheating has always been rampant in the sport.

One guy doped, the other was duped. Both probably aren't happy with "SNL."

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