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It would make for an exorbitant one-year salary, but Detroit may decide the star defensive tackle is worth it.

The controversial defensive tackle is upset by the outcome of the game, and possibly by the fact that it could have been his last game for the Lions.

Before Ndamukong Suh's suspension was overturned, Kelly Hall decried the league's 'bias' against the Lions.

Mike Pereira says the Lions' player shouldn't even have been fined, much less suspended.

Well, at least he did fine with the last name.

That means the Lions won't have him when they play the Cowboys on Sunday afternoon.

Will the NFL decide it was an intentionally dirty play and suspend the Lions star?

Detroit Lions defensive tackle is on a short leash when it comes to what he can do and say.

Coach Jim Schwartz denies report that defensive tackle has gotten physical during practices.

Penalties are escalating for Detroit's talented defensive tackle. How high can they go?

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