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The offensive line coach was arrested early Sunday morning in Florida for a misdemeanor battery charge.

ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter cites an NFL Players Association official saying the NFLPA is looking into front office activity in Dallas and Denver that would affect the earning potential of wide receivers Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas.

The New York Giants punter defended comments he made on a CBS Sports radio show.

Because of course he does.

A team spokesman tells a newspaper that 'divisive symbols and actions should not stand in conflict to progress, healing and the unification of all our citizens.'

The deal reportedly includes $60 million guaranteed.

Starting in 1962, he helped create much of the league's powerful mythology.

The ad debuted on Tuesday but didn't make it to Wednesday.

The Packers and Cowboys meet at Lambeau Field Sunday in playoff game for the first time since that iconic matchup decades ago.

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A Commerce Committee hearing on domestic violence in pro sports has been scheduled for Dec. 2, and the presiding Senator would reportedly love to grill the NFL commissioner.

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