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That would be pretty rad, although a lot of fans would prefer that the teams just stay put.

She didn't get the money, but he did buy her a nice house.

The two teams have been frustrated in their attempts to get new stadiums built in their current markets with the help of public funds.

Mark Davis had a choice to make about his team's future, and he chose to wing it.

They almost snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

The team's lease in Oakland ends after this season, and it's not like it hasn't done this kind of thing before.

An Oakland Raiders fan saved the life of a woman who was believed to have been trying to commit suicide when he broke her fall from the third level at Coliseum after the Raiders’ loss to the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. The man, who was identified by the San Jose Mercury News only as […]

Former athlete died while having a liver transplant in Utah.

Raiders quarterback must be cleared by doctors after suffering concussion Monday night.

Raiders quarterback has a short week in which to recover, with Redskins up next.

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