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The quarterback hasn't played in the NFL since 2012.

Yes, the 'First Take' pundit is excited. Very excited.

How could an NCAA-style bracket of greatest plays at MetLife Stadium not include DeSean Jackson's 2010 punt-return touchdown? Ohhh, that's how.

It is true that he appears to have traded his Dallas jersey for one representing Philadelphia. Is that what they mean?

The 49ers running back, said to be heading to Philadelphia, may be switching his choice to Indianapolis.

The 'First Take' pundit notes that the Eagles coach has let go of DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy and Jeremy Maclin -- but kept Riley Cooper.

The wide receiver, who played college football at Missouri, would be reunited with former Philadelphia coach Andy Reid.

The fifth-year cornerback will reportedly receive a hefty contract to help shore up Philadelphia's secondary.

The wide receiver gained notoriety in 2013 when he was recorded using the N-word at a concert.

Chip Kelly plans to play starters against Chicago Bears, although the Week 17 game is the one that matters.

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