The Washington Post

It seems that, not for the first time, he sees things a bit differently than Chris Christie does.

In New Yorker interview, he notes that playing the sport is "a bit of caveat emptor."

Billie Jean King, Caitlin Cahow will be in a U.S. delegation missing the president, vice-president and first lady.

Specifically, he has his eye on the Top 10 list.

Russia still has "a big stake in making sure the Olympics work," he tells Jay Leno.

The president's criticism of the Fighting Irish prompts the company to send him his very own jersey.

The First Bracketologist likes Louisville, Indiana, Ohio State and Florida.

In Super Bowl XLVII interview, president admits he'd miss big hits, but says the game must evolve.

President also expresses concern for college football players' safety.

A disgruntled Dallas Cowboys fan has posted a petition on the White House website, asking for the removal of Jerry Jones.

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