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The all-star point guard -- who has never had great success in the playoffs -- shrugged off a hamstring pull to hit a game-winning shot over Tim Duncan.

Turns out, the Spurs are fans of "Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!"

The Spurs guard playfully gave the official a taste of his own medicine.

Another hint: they've been the NBA's gold standard of late.

The Spurs coach hits a major milestone.

It turns out, swallowing the two years and $26 million remaining on Smith's contract was a brilliant decision.

The Spurs superstar becomes the second-oldest ever to do it, behind Karl Malone.

Fans were given replicas, players got the real things, and they all enjoyed a one-point win over the Mavericks.

You could call it a Monstrous upset. You don't have to, but you could.

Spurs Coyote stacks another accolade onto San Antonio's ever-increasing pile.

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