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The promising Cardinals outfielder had a blood-alcohol level five time the legal limit.

The Red Sox have more impending free agents than the younger Cardinals.

Just getting to Boston was a battle for the Cardinals on Tuesday.

St. Louis Cardinals second baseman is goat of the game on a walk-off pickoff. Yeah, you've never seen that before, either.

The Cardinals have a 2-1 series lead and the Red Sox send Clay Buchholz to the mound in Game 4.

For the first time since 1999, the two best regular-season teams in baseball will play against each other in the World Series.

Two crucial at-bats allowed the Cardinals to chop down Clayton Kershaw in the third inning last night.

The storyline of the NLCS has focused on the disparate images of the Cardinals and Dodgers, but what really matters is the enticing pairing of Michael Wacha and Clayton Kershaw.

Trevor Rosenthal has highlighted the Cardinals' preponderance of dominant, homegrown pitching.

Maybe the guy brought Los Angeles luck in NLCA Game 3. Either that or he'll star in "Ted II."

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