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While Curry was setting an NBA Finals record for most missed three-pointers, the fan made a halfcourt shot to win a BMW.

Poor Blake Griffin got absolutely doused in venom.

High praise, indeed.

In a word: Whoa.

Game 2 of the Western Conference finals plays out similarly to Game 1, right down to the Warriors guard doing just a bit more than his Rockets counterpart.

After Game 1 in the Warriors-Rockets playoff series, the Golden State star's young daughter stole the show.

Houston made it a tight contest, but the MVP's uncanny accuracy proved too much.

The Warriors star rediscovers his MVP form, while the fan may want to lay low in Memphis for a little while.

The Warriors point guard led his team to by far the best record in the league.

Sideways, one-handed, getting clobbered by Anthony Davis -- none of it mattered.

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