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The NFL Hall of Famer recently arrived at a plea deal after a separate incident in which he was alleged to have assaulted a pair of prostitutes.

The Hall of Famer was fired by the NFL Network after being hit with assault and solicitation charges following a February incident with two prostitutes.

The Hall of Fame player, who was fired by the NFL Network following the incident, could face up to six months in jail if convicted on assault and solicitation charges.

A pair of tequila shots turned out to be nothing but colored water. Your move, Seattle.

Nick Foles filled in ably when quarterback was injured in second quarter Sunday.

With no trade partners emerging and quarterback deactivated last week, there really was no other move.

Only two weeks ago, Tampa Bay Bucs suspension for another hit was overturned.

Greg Schiano will try another QB as Tampa Bay hopes for first victory.

Tampa Bay safety hit in wallet for "flagrant and repeat violation of NFL safety rules."

Two players are responding well to treatment for the antibiotic-resistant infection, the team says.

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