New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) will make his first surrogate campaign appearance Mitt Romney’s behalf on Wednesday, when he campaigns in New Hampshire before attending a debate-watching party at the Romney campaign’s Boston headquarters.

Christie will visit with supporters at Romney’s New Hampshire headquarters in Manchester Wednesday afternoon before attending an evening house party hosted by one of Romney’s newest endorsers, John Stabile, a Nashua businessman and former chairman of the state Republican Party.

Later that night, Christie will be the “special guest” at a party to watch the CNBC presidential candidates debate from Romney’s national headquarters in Boston. The Romney campaign held a contest to solicit small donations, offering to fly the contest winner to Boston to attend the party with a “special guest.”

Christie’s campaign swing, first reported Tuesday by the Manchester Union Leader, was confirmed by Romney campaign officials.

“Governor Christie is a national leader in the fight to reform government and cut spending,” Romney spokesman Ryan Williams said. “He has consistently stood up for the principles of limited taxation and fiscal responsibility that are important to Granite Staters. Our campaign is honored to have Governor Christie in New Hampshire to talk to voters about why Mitt Romney is the best candidate to fix our economy and defeat President Obama in 2012.”

When Christie endorsed Romney on Oct. 11 in New Hampshire, after deciding not to run himself, Christie offered a full-throated defense of Romney’s biggest vulnerabilities: the health-care overhaul he championed and signed into law as governor of Massachusetts.

Romney advisers said then that they hoped to deploy Christie as a surrogate across the country, believing that his popularity with Republican voters, his brash style on the stump and his record of cutting government spending might help Romney win new supporters.