CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- In the city where President Obama will accept his party’s nomination in less than a month’s time, the Romney campaign Sunday morning had a message for Democrats seeking to cast the presumptive GOP nominee as falling in lockstep with Paul Ryan when it comes to the federal budget:

Romney is the man in charge.

“The thing you have to remember about these campaigns is that Gov. Romney is at the top of the ticket,” Romney senior adviser Kevin Madden told reporters Sunday morning when asked how the campaign expects to fit the Ryan budget blueprint into its message. “Gov. Romney’s vision for the country is something that Congressman Ryan supports.”

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney (L) and his running mate Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan (R) wave after speaking during a campaign rally at the Harris Pavilion in Virginia, on Saturday. (SAUL LOEB/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

It’s a message that Republicans are likely to hammer home in the coming days as both parties work to define the newly-minted GOP ticket.

For Democrats, the path ahead is almost certain to include a renewal of the “Medicare” attacks used successfully by the party against Republicans in some House special elections this cycle.

For Republicans, the general-election strategy appears to be to cast Ryan in a supporting role and place the focus on Romney’s economic vision.

That vision is not necessarily the same as Ryan’s, aides maintain, although the presumptive GOP nominee will likely come under pressure to explain which particular parts of the Ryan budget he agrees with.

Madden— who spoke to reporters Sunday ahead of events expected to draw as many as 7,000 people—said that Democratic attacks on the Medicare overhaul proposed in the Ryan budget wouldn’t preclude the vice-presidential nominee from visiting senior-heavy states such as Florida.

“I think that as we begin to talk about the issues — as far as the economy, the budget, the vision for the future on how we create jobs and how we create a more-sustainable economy— that’s something that Gov. Romney’s going to be talking about and that Congressman Ryan is going to continue to support,” he said.

Even so, Romney is expected to travel to Florida this week -- and Ryan, meanwhile, will travel on to Iowa, where he will hold his first solo events as the vice-presidential nominee.