They’re back.

View Photo Gallery: Our reporters captured the events leading up to the South Carolina primary on Jan. 21 using the iPhone app Instagram and the hashtag #2012Unfiltered.

#2012Unfiltered photos, that is. Our campaign team is in South Carolina this week, enjoying the beachy scenes and comfort foods as they cover the lead-up to the primary there Saturday..

They are also taking photos along the way using the iPhone app Instagram and the hashtag #2012Unfiltered, just as they did in Iowa and New Hampshire earlier this month.

Former candidate Herman Cain and his old campaign bus are back, too. Reporter Philip Rucker snapped the picture above in Charleston, S.C., on Thursday morning. Cain has several scheduled appearances in South Carolina before the primary.

Readers are participating in #2012Unfiltered, too. Check out their photos here, and read more about participating in #2012Unfiltered here.


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