The conservative group American Crossroads apologized Monday for a tweet in which it speculated that Commerce Secretary John Bryson had been driving drunk when he caused a series of car accidents in California on Saturday.

The Commerce Department said in a statement Monday morning that Bryson had suffered a seizure.

“@AmericanXRoads: How does @CommerceSec have 3 car crashes in 5 minutes and alcohol NOT be involved? ?#Skills,” read the initial tweet, according to ABC News. The tweet was posted shortly after 8 a.m. and deleted a few hours later, ABC reports.

Later Monday, the group posted its mea culpa.

“Earlier Bryson tweet with hashtag #skills attempted levity (before facts known) and failed miserably. We took it down and regret the tweet,” reads the later tweet.

The episode is the latest reminder that with the micro-blogging platform’s lack of filter comes a risk as well as reward for outside groups seeking to make an impact on the campaign.