As the 2012 presidential election draws nearer, Mitt Romney and President Obama are ramping up their Twitter feeds to interact with followers and voters. We analyzed the candidates’ past 200 tweets to determine what subjects they’re tweeting about the most.

As the chart below shows, the @BarackObama Twitter account — maintained by staff of the campaign — has focused heavily on the Buffett Rule and women. The Twitter account frequently mentions latest news on campaign efforts and — tallied separately here — specific ways to donate to the campaign.

(Graphic: Mark S. Luckie / The Washington Post)

By far, the most mentioned subject on the @MittRomney account is President Obama. The Twitter feed makes frequent references to limiting Obama to a one-term presidency and issues where Romney and Obama differ.

(Graphic: Mark S. Luckie / The Washington Post)

Other notable findings:

The @BarackObama account tweets far more frequently than @MittRomney. The Obama account has tweeted more than 200 times so far in April 2012. The Romney account has tweeted 32 times so far this month.

A significant number of @MittRomney’s tweets are thanks — to primary voters, endorsers and others. When offering condolences or thanking voters, Romney usually mentions himself and his wife. The first mention of Ann Romney in the past 200 tweets was January 29. He goes on to mention her 11 more times.

The Obama Twitter feed frequently mentions donations, donors or ways to help the campaign. Also, @BarackObama often posts different versions of the same tweet several times. This was especially true for tweets about the Buffett Rule.

You can download the data for Mitt Romney here and President Obama here.