CINCINNATI -- Donald Trump isn't the only surrogate making robo-calls to Ohio voters on behalf of Mitt Romney. Barbara Bush is as well.

Barbara Bush and her son former President Bush share a laugh during a discussion on reforming Social Security and Medicare at the Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic Center in Atlanta, Ga., July 22, 2005. (Charles Dharapak/AP)

The former first lady has recorded a message for automated calls to Ohio voters urging them to support Romney in Tuesday's Republican presidential primary. Two decades after she and her husband, George, left the White House, top Republicans here say, Bush maintains a strong following among GOP voters.

Bush has also recorded robo-calls on Romney's behalf targeting voters in Vermont.

The script, according to the Romney campaign, is as follows. Bush also recorded a similar message for voters in Vermont, which also holds a primary on Tuesday.

Hi, this is Barbara Bush calling from Romney for President on behalf of my friend, Mitt Romney.

The Ohio Republican Primary is next Tuesday, so I'm calling to remind you to vote for Mitt.

I'm supporting Mitt for one simple reason:  America cannot survive four more years of Barack Obama, and Mitt is the man to lead America, and we need him now.

If you have any questions, just call the Ohio campaign headquarters at 614-664-3485, or email us at

Again don't forget to vote for Mitt Tuesday night. Thank you for your time.

This call was paid for by Romney for President, Inc.