Over the last few weeks, Post Politics has asked our readers to help us identify some of the most compelling campaign coverage by Tweeting us links with the hashtag #CampaignReads. Today, Post Politics is taking #CampaignReads to the next level by launching a standalone section completely powered by our readers.

Each weekday, our team will be watching #CampaignReads on Twitter for your suggestions and curating the best ones into campaignreads.com via Storify, the social media curation platform.

Take a look at some of our most recent reads: Bloomberg News on the anti-Gingrich tide within the GOP; New York magazine on the likelihood of 2012 being the most-negative-presidential-campaign-ever; and an archive National Review interview with Marco Rubio after Mitt Romney endorsed him in 2010.

There is no shortage of political news to sift through each day. But what stands out to you? We invite you to help us filter the deluge of campaign coverage by sending us the best scoops, analysis, and insights of the 2012 election.


Tweet us your suggestions with #CampaignReads and you may be featured on campaignreads.com.