The length of the Democratic National Convention will be shortened from four days to three, national Democrats announced Tuesday morning.

“The convention program will be 3 days instead of the traditional 4 to make room for organizing day and celebrating #DNC2012 host community,” the Democratic National Convention Committee announced via its Twitter feed, @DemConvention.

The committee also announced that the venue for the final night of the convention will take place at Charlotte’s Bank of America Stadium, the 73,778-seat venue that is the home of the Carolina Panthers.

The choice of venue could make for some political awkwardness: Democrats and the White House, who have highlighted the issue of income inequality as the 2012 race heats up, have sharply criticized Bank of America in recent months for its proposed $5 consumer debit-card fee, which the bank later scrapped.

“You don’t have some inherent right just to, you know, get a certain amount of profit, if your customers are being mistreated,” Obama told ABC News and Yahoo! in an October interview. He added: “This is exactly the sort of stuff that folks are frustrated by.”

Four years ago, President Obama accepted his party’s nomination at Denver’s Invesco Field. And 2012 won’t mark the first time that a national convention has been shortened; national Republicans truncated their 2008 convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul because of Hurricane Gustav, which at the time was making its way along the Gulf Coast.

This year’s Democratic National Convention is to take place the week of Sep. 3, 2012. Republicans will hold their annual convention in Tampa from Aug. 27-30, 2012.

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