The Republican National Committee (and a few inside-the-Beltway media outlets) would have you believe that Election Day is one year away from today, Tuesday, Nov. 1. They’ve planned parties and panels, rolled out videos, sent out press releases, all with the one-year-til-Election Day hook.

President Barack Obama visits Chesterfield's Fire Station 9 in North Chesterfield, Va., on Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011. (EVA RUSSO/AP)

Election Day isn’t really one year away. It’s always on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, which would make the one-year-out celebrations accurate for next Tuesday since yesterday was the last day of October.

If you add up the figures, toss in the Constitution and carry a leap year, you will find that Election Day 2012 is really one year and one week away, give or take a few days. The actual date is Nov. 6, 2012.


Absolutely, but that’s what we’re here for.

Here’s the Republican National Committee press release, marking the day:

“One year from now the American people will hold President Obama accountable for his abysmal record in the White House,” RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said in a Nov.1 press release announcing the release of a new video. “We have suffered through three long years of this president’s failed policies and are ready to change direction. Promise after promise has been broken—from turning the economy around to getting our spending under control.”

So I sent an e-mail over to RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer with this query:

“Not to split hairs, but is today really one year out? Or is it really next Tuesday? I’m not so great with math but I thought Election Day was the Tuesday after the first Monday in November?”

And Spicer, admittedly better with the numbers than me, had this to say:

“One year out would be this Sunday, but in all honesty, Politico was doing a whole ‘one year out’ deal/rollout today and we just hopped on the bandwagon,” he wrote. “And you are right, yesterday was still October. I am as challenged with a calendar as I am with spelling.”

Ah, Politico. Yes indeed, Politico kicked off a whole one-year-out campaign this morning with a special issue and a series of panels that began at 8 am. National Journal, possibly bandwagon-style as well, also held an event marking the one-year-and-a-few-days away from Nov. 6, 2012 milestone.

At any rate, here’s the RNC’s web ad, which does preview what’s in store for President Obama over the next year and some change.