Take that Jon M. Huntsman, Jr!

Republican presidential candidate, former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman speaks at a town hall meeting in Milford, N.H., Thursday, Dec. 8, 2011. (Cheryl Senter/AP)

Wiles’ statement about Romney is after the jump.

“As this campaign has progressed, I have had an opportunity to observe each of the candidates and it is clear to me that one candidate standsout from the rest: Mitt Romney. Governor Romney is a conservative businessman who knows what it takes to turn our economy around,” Wiles said.

“He has demonstrated the stability, intellect and integrity that Republicans are looking for in their standard bearer. And perhaps most importantly, he will take the battle to President Obama’s doorstep and ensure that Barack Obama is a one term president.”

This allegiance switch is a little inside baseball, but notable because Wiles left the Huntsman post as the campaign floundered, and in many ways it has yet to right itself.

Wiles knows Florida politics well, having help elect Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R), and she was an early Huntsman backer.

Huntsman’s team said that the announcement signaled that Romney is running scared in New Hampshire.

“Governor Romney’s unusual decision to announce a paid political consultants “endorsement” shows that his campaign is very concerned about Jon Huntsman’s New Hampshire momentum and consistent conservative message,” said Tim Miller in an e-mail.

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