Former president George W. Bush has offered his endorsement of Mitt Romney.

From within an elevator.

As the doors were closing.

Reports Matt Negrin of ABC News:

“I’m for Mitt Romney,” Bush told ABC News this morning as the doors of an elevator closed on him, after he gave a speech on human rights a block from his old home — the White House.

Bush’s endorsement isn’t a surprise, given that Romney is virtually the Republican Party’s nominee. But the 43rd president has been absent from the 2012 campaign and hasn’t made any public comments showing his support for Romney.

Other members of the Bush family have endorsed Romney in more orthodox ways.

Jeb Bush, the popular former Florida governor, formally announced his endorsement of Romney in mid-March.

And the Bush brothers’ father, former president George H.W. Bush, threw his support behind Romney in a late March news conference in Houston along with his wife, Barbara Bush, and Romney.

At that event, a reporter asked Romney, “Governor, have you met with George W. Bush while you have been here, and have you sought his endorsement?”

Romney responded: “You know, I haven’t met with President George W. Bush,” he said. “We speak from time to time.”

The Obama campaign responded to the endorsement Tuesday by comparing Romney’s views on tax cuts and Wall Street regulation to Bush administration policies.

“President Bush has endorsed Governor Romney, and Governor Romney has endorsed a return to Bush-era economic policies: massive tax cuts for the wealthiest and no accountability for Wall Street, which led to huge deficits and tepid growth,” campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt said in a statement. “Now Romney wants to double down on those same, failed policies – expanding upon the Bush tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires at a cost of $5 trillion, and, once again, allowing Wall Street to write its own rules.”