In an interview with Good Morning America on Wednesday, Ginger White, the woman who claims to have had a 13-year affair with GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain , detailed her story and said she was disappointed to hear Cain call her “troubled.”

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White, who went public with her story on Monday, told George Stephanopoulos that it was “a very casual affair.” She “consistently” received gifts and money from Cain over the past two-and-a-half years, but cautioned that the relationship was “not sex for cash.”

Ginger White poses for a photo near Dunwoody, Ga., on Monday, Nov. 28, 2011. In an explosive allegation, White said Monday she and Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain had a 13-year extramarital affair that lasted nearly until the former businessman announced his candidacy for the White House several months ago. (Greg Bluestein/AP)

“When you enter into a private relationship that you really do not care to share with the public, you really don’t enter into something like that holding on to receipts,” she said. “Holding on to gifts or if there were any notes or anything like that, to come out eventually and say, this is what happened and this is my proof.”

But White does remember traveling with Cain to Las Vegas for the 1997 boxing match in which Mike Tyson bit Evander Holyfield’s ear. That’s a concrete detail that will likely be further investigated.

“I honestly do not think he, in my opinion, would make a good president,” White said. But, she added, “this is not political.”

“Last night, I slept very well,” she said. “I'm not sure what's going on in his head.”

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