Longtime Newt Gingrich aide Rick Tyler will join a new independent super PAC set up to help the Gingrich presidential campaign, Tyler confirmed in an interview Tuesday morning.

Tyler, among the group of aides who fled Gingrich’s GOP primary campaign in June, said that at the time he had "lost his perspective" because of perceptions that the former House speaker's campaign was floundering.

"The good news is I've gotten my perspective back," Tyler said. "I think very clearly now. The truth is that Newt, at these debates, is a Pavarotti among pop stars."

Tyler said that the PAC, Winning Our Future, will work quickly in the coming days to catch up to the super PACS of other presidential candidates. He said the PAC plans to air TV ads defending Gingrich against recent political attacks and also contrasting his views with those of other candidates.

Whether the PAC succeeds on that score is a crucial test for Gingrich in the final two weeks before the Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses. Gingrich’s standing as frontrunner in the Republican race has slipped in several recent polls, signalling that his opponents’ negative ads are having an effectt.

“Winning Our Future is up to the challenge, and we will get up to speed post haste -- as fast as modern electronic technology will allow, which I think is pretty fast," Tyler said. “There is ample money to do a national television buy and a national radio buy.”

The PAC will focus primarily on selling Gingrich's record, which Tyler said "stands alone.”

“If more people knew about his record, as opposed to this information that's going on the airwaves now, they would clearly side with Newt," Tyler said. "Under Speaker Gingrich, 11 million jobs were created, $400 billion in debt was paid off, 60 percent of welfare rolls were reduced, all while cutting taxes. That's an immovable fact. No one has a record to compare with that conservative record.”

Tyler said he will be involved in all aspects of Winning Our Future's operations, joining Becky Burckett, a longtime Gingrich ally from American Solutions, and John Grimaldi, on the staff.

Tyler began working with Gingrich in 1999, shortly after the speaker left the House, and worked for several of Gingrich’s private operations until joining the campaign last spring. The two have met several times in recent months to reconcile, Tyler said.

"He can't do this alone," Tyler said. "The presidency is far larger than any one person. He needs every citizen to be involved at every level. And that includes me."