In a Politico op-ed Wednesday morning, Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist wades into the veepstakes debate — and makes the case for Bobby Jindal as Mitt Romney’s running mate.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal addresses the state legislature on the opening session in Baton Rouge, La., March 12, 2012. (Gerald Herbert/Associated Press)

Norquist, who is best known for his anti-tax pledge signed by the overwhelming majority of congressional Republicans, argues that the Louisiana governor is the best choice for Romney because he “has already implemented the sort of bold reforms at the state level that are now desperately needed at the federal level,” on issues including education and energy.

The op-ed was penned by Norquist and ATR’s Patrick Gleason.

Jindal’s name is not often floated among the very top tier of choices, and the Louisiana governor has taken on something of a lower national profile since his widely-panned response to President Obama’s 2009 address to a joint session of Congress.

But he has been a vocal Romney surrogate, defending the presumptive GOP nominee as recently as Monday in an interview on Fox News Channel.

Norquist is an influential figure in the GOP, so his backing of Jindal could lead some to take a second look at the Louisiana governor.

Asked by CNN earlier this month whether he’d accept the VP nod, Jindal responded, “I’ve got the job that I want.”