Last week, we asked our readers to share their photos about the economy ahead of the last week’s Republican presidential debate. We got nearly 180 submissions, many of which we featured on The Fix.

The Washington Post team, many of whom were Instagram novices, also contributed behind-the-scenes photos from their coverage of the debate. Since then, they have added even more photos from time on the campaign trail, such as the one below.

Herman Cain addresses the New Hampshire legislature following his spirited performance in Tuesday's debate. (Amy E. Gardner/The Washington Post via Instagram)

Check out all the #2012Unfiltered galleries by our campaign team:
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#2012Unfiltered: March on the campaign trail

Now we’re inviting you to join our reporters in helping us capture images throughout the entire 2012 campaign. Here’s how:


If you attend a campaign event as a supporter, journalist, or simply a bystander, snap a photo and upload it to Instagram with the tag #2012Unfiltered in your description. (How to use Instagram)


We plan to incorporate photos uploaded using other photo-sharing applications in the coming weeks. So stay tuned...

We will feature a sampling of our favorite #2012Unfiltered photos below.