DUBUQUE, Iowa — Presidential candidate Herman Cain on Tuesday defended his foreign policy acumen, the day after video surfaced of a tortured response Cain gave in response to a question about Libya.

Republican presidential candidate, Herman Cain talks with Kearia Jaeger, 10, of Davenport, Iowa, while meeting with local residents during a campaign stop at Manna Java World Cafe, Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2011, in Dubuque, Iowa. (Charlie Neibergall/AP)

Asked about what he reads to bone up on policy issues, Cain was a bit more vague.

“What do I read on a daily basis?” Cain said. “Obviously I read newspaper publications. We read some of the stuff on the Web…”

Pressed further, Cain elaborated that he reads the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and his local newspaper.

“I also read some of the special bulletins that I get from the Republican National Committee, which summarize a lot of this stuff,” he said, before growing a little indignant at the line of questioning. “So trust me,” he said, before another questioner parried.

During an interview with the editorial board of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel on Monday, Cain struggled through a vague and nonsensical response to a question about whether he agreed with President Obama’s actions in Libya.

Cain has previously said that he wouldn’t entertain “gotcha” questions on foreign policy and that it would be difficult for him to make decisions about hypotheticals without getting all the information that a president would get.

The GOP’s 2008 vice presidential nominee, Sarah Palin, famously struggled to name one publication that she read during that campaign.

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