Ginni Thomas, the wife of Clarence Thomas whose 1991 U.S. Supreme Court nomination was nearly derailed by allegations of sexual harrassment, has an “exclusive interview” with Herman Cain in her column for the conservative Daily Caller.

Philanthropist Catherine Reynolds, left, with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and his wife, Virginia, after a National Symphony Orchestra performance. (Rebecca D'Angelo for The Washington Post/FTWP)

The video interview, filmed Wednesday evening, kicks off with Cain responding to the question of whether reporters are “setting [him] up to be ‘guilty until proven innocent.’” (It’s never directly stated, but one assumes this question alludes to the recent sexual harassment allegations against Cain.)

“That is the D.C. culture,” Cain agrees. “Guilty until proven innocent.”

Although Ginni Thomas’s personal history with sexual harassment made headlines as little as a year ago, when she called her husband’s accuser Anita Hill to ask for an apology, Thomas doesn’t mention her experience in the interview.

Her own voice isn’t even heard on the video (Ginni Thomas’ questions are printed as subtitles while Cain answers them), and Thomas never gets anywhere near the harassment subject after her first question to the 2012 Republican presidential candidate. Instead, Cain responds to questions about his fumbled answer on China’s nuclear capability, the difference between D.C. residents and “real people,” and why he’s doing so well in the polls. (Spoiler alert on that last one: “The voice of the people is more powerful than the voice of the media.”)

Watch the full interview below: