When it comes to understanding the complicated Iowa caucus process and history, simpler explanations are better.

In fact, it may be most digestible to learn about the caucuses in 140 characters at a time. So here is some trivia caucus-watching tweeters offered up over the past few days.

Worth remembering about the Iowa caucuses: delegates are not bound to vote for the winner. iowagop.org/constitution.p…

— Michael Cooper (@coopnytimes) January 3, 2012

Only twice in modern times has Iowa GOP caucus winner gone on to win the nomination: dole in 96; bush in 00. wapo.st/zFl6sz #iacaucus

— Karen Tumulty.(@ktumulty) January 3, 2012

2008 marked the first time that a GOP candidate who failed to finish in the top 3 in #iacaucus went on to win the nomination.

— Karen Tumulty.(@ktumulty) January 3, 2012

Lowest winning % in history of Iowa caucuses was 26% by Bob Dole in 1996. Will that record be broken tonight?

— The Fix (@TheFix) January 3, 2012

Turnout in last four competitive IA GOP caucuses: 2008 (119K), 2000 (79K), 1996 (96K), 1988 (109K). Where will tonight wind up?

— The Fix (@TheFix) January 3, 2012

RT @mattstrawn: Hot off the presses, Dec. ‘11 makes 34th straight month of @IowaGOP voter reg gains (via @iowasos).

— IowaGOP (@IowaGOP) January 3, 2012

Keep in mind we have fewer days between IA & NH than ever before. In ‘76-35 days, ‘80-36 days, ‘84-’04-8 days, ‘08-12 days, ‘12-7 days.

— Larry Sabato (@LarrySabato) January 2, 2012

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