The Twitterverse and the cable TV networks are all abuzz about Jenny Sanford’s supportive Herman Cain op-ed, saying that the former South Carolina first lady has come to his defense. The editorial ran in The State newspaper, and it praises Cain and thanks the former Godfather’s CEO for “running and inspiring better dialogue.”

This June 13, 2006, photo shows South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford smiling as he is joined by his wife, Jenny, after he won the Republican gubernatorial nomination, in Columbia, S.C. (MARY ANN CHASTAIN/AP)

Jenny Sanford’s editorial reads, in part:

Herman Cain’s lack of political experience makes him willing to propose bold ideas, to try new solutions to the challenges that face our nation. There’s a sense among the people disconnected from the system (myself included) that our political leaders aren’t listening, or can’t feel our pain.

Cain clearly isn’t part of the permanent political class, because he has proposed a tax reform that would simplify our tax code, ending deductions and closing loopholes. Details aside, he is willing to think big, to challenge the status quo. Sadly, we now get to watch as the players who make up the system try to rip him to pieces.

The problem with the Sanford defends Cain meme is that the op-ed is actually a reprint of an op-ed that ran in a smaller paper on Friday, before the sexual harassment allegations against Cain came to light, which explains why there is no direct mention of the allegations.

I sent this message to Sanford toget her take:

Dear Mrs. Sanford--

So the Twitterverse is abuzz with your Cain op-ed, saying you are defending Herman Cain, as in, coming to his defense in the sexual harassment scandal. But it seems like the op-ed actually ran pre-scandal? What say you?

Will update if/when I hear from her.


“I am not defending him and think I will watch how this all plays out as everyone else does. I hope to hear more discussion from the press about the issues we face and potential solutions.”