2012 GOP presidential contender Jon M. Huntsman is not a funny man. In fact, he is painfully unfunny. But, sadly, the former Utah governor is still convinced that he has comic chops. So what does a person like Huntsman do when he’s on screen with Stephen Colbert, a trained comedian?

Well, he tries even harder to be funny and ends up promptly fumbling into a “joke” that is quite possibly offensive.

What do you think of when you hear stereotypical Chinese sounding music? If you are Huntsman, you make a joke about Chinese food delivery of course! Being the former U.S. ambassador to China makes it this especially funny, we suppose.

It’s been said here before, but bears repeating: Jokes are supposed to be funny.

Here’s how ABC News captured the moment:

When Colbert played a sound effect of a stereotypical Chinese riff, Huntsman joked, “When’s the delivery food coming?” After a few seconds of awkward silence, Colbert replied, “Did that go over well in Beijing?”

“There was a gasp,” audience member Dana Cole told ABC News. “A little tasteless. No one really saw it coming. He got ahead of himself. ”

“I think he was just really nervous honestly,” said Zach Zirlin, who was also in the crowd. “He was just trying to humanize himself a little bit … I think he brings a very fresh face to the Republican Party. All the past candidates were not easy to relate to and he seems more human than the rest.”

Video of Huntsman trying to recover below.