The Obama campaign announced the inevitable Michelle Obama Pinterest account on Wednesday morning in a tweet.

The First Lady just joined Pinterest—check out her special Father’s Day board: OFA.BO/EeSK1J

— Michelle Obama (@MichelleObama) June 13, 2012

Obama’s GOP counterpart, Ann Romney joined Pinterest in February. The Obama campaign launched the president’s account in March, leaving fans of the first lady hoping her own account would soon follow.

Obama is racking racking up a big following quickly, just as she has for her other social media accounts. She had more than 4,000 followers as of 1:30 p.m. ET.

USA Today’s Martha Moore reported Tuesday that Pinterest is gaining a foothold with campaign.

They’re attracted because Pinterest has a lot of users — it jumped from 11.7 million unique users in January to 18.7 million in March — and most of those users are women, whose votes are considered to be critical in the presidential contest.

The Root has a slideshow of photos from the most timely of Obama’s three boards, a Father’s Day tribute featuring photos of the president with the first daughters and one of her own dad. The other two boards were scenes from the White House and “Great memories” — another board featuring photos of the Obamas.

Two obvious board choices were missing though. We’re betting healthy recipes will get their own board soon, based on the first lady’s nutrition advocacy and her recent book release.

Another safe bet, to the chagrin of fashion-loving pinterst users and Obama campaign rivals, is that there will be no official “Michelle’s closet” board showcasing her designer duds.

Not to worry though. A few Pinterest users already have curated boards dedicated to Obama and her outfits, for example, here and here.

What boards would you create for Michelle Obama or Ann Romney? Tell us in the comments section.

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