As he stands poised to formally clinch the GOP presidential nomination on Tuesday night, Mitt Romney is pitching himself to voters as “just a kid that wants to make a difference for America.”

Romney was asked by Fox News Channel’s Bill Hemmer on Monday how he would like to be introduced to America.

“I haven’t thought about that,” Romney responded, according to excerpts of the interview released Tuesday. “I’ve you know — I’m just a kid that wants to make a difference for America, get people working again, have bright prospects for the future. There are too many people that are concerned that the days of American leadership are over and that jobs are going to be less plentiful, that incomes aren’t going to be rising, that they can’t afford college.”

Romney argued that rather than talk about the economy, President Obama “wants to make this a personal attack campaign.”

“He’s going after me as an individual,” Romney said of Obama. “Look, I’m an American. I love this country. I have experience in the economy that’s going to help me get good jobs for Americans so we can be secure again.”

Excerpts of the interview are available here; the full interview is expected to be aired later this week.