ATLANTA, Ga. – Oops.

Mitt Romney made a minor slip-up at a campaign event here Wednesday afternoon when he mixed up the name of a pipeline project favored by Republicans and the name of the Obama abminsitration-backed solar firm that the GOP argues has become symbolic of the White House’s failed policies.

(Chris Carlson/AP)

“My course for America is to become energy secure and to open up that Solyndra – that, that pipeline, excuse me, the Keystone pipeline,” Romney told about 400 supporters at a stone importing company in northern Atlanta. “Not Solyndra. ... The Keystone pipeline to get energy here in this country.”

The audience’s surprise was audible when Romney mentioned the word “Solyndra,” but he was quickly greeted with cheers after correcting himself.

Then, without skipping a beat, Romney went on to criticize the Obama administration’s handling of the Solyndra debacle, arguing that the episode is only one instance of the “crony capitalism” practiced by the White House.