For a story in today’s Washington Post, I looked through former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s policy statements, speeches and debates, trying to tally up all of Gingrich’s big ideas. I found more than 70 of them, covering subjects from taxes to abortion to foreign policy.

Below, we’ve compiled some of Gingrich’s most important--and most sweeping--ideas.


They include some elements of Republican orthodoxy, like his calls to repeal President Obama’s health care law to repeal the estate tax.

But others reveal Gingrich’s particular strategy for dealing with the federal deficit. It involves creating two separate Medicare programs, two ways of handling Social Security, and two separate tax codes. In each case, Gingrich would let people choose which one they wanted to use--trusting that people will naturally flock to the conservative choice.

This list also includes some of Gingrich’s most ambitious ideas: he seeks to reshape the entire architecture of government, by weakening the power of the Supreme Court and the judicial branch in general.

Let us know which of these appeal to you:

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