Want to get attention on Twitter? Win big in a Republican primary, then propose colonizing the moon.

It is working for Newt Gingrich.

Gingrich was mentioned more times on Twitter and in the media during the past week than any of his other Republican rivals, according to @MentionMachine data.

His South Carolina primary win helped him surpass Ron Paul in total Twitter mentions, something no other candidate has been able to do since the @MentionMachine began tracking them earlier this month. Gingrich had 314,990 total Twitter mentions since last Friday, and Paul had 307,377.

Gingrich was mentioned 8,460 times by the media in the same span, while Mitt Romney was mentioned 8,292 times.

Gingrich’s Twitter and media mentions spiked the day after his win, and ticked up again Wednesday after he told a group of activists he wanted the U.S. to have a permanent lunar base.

The most recent poll numbers may bring Gingrich back down to earth — he trailed Romney by 9 points in Florida in a Quinnipiac poll released Friday, four days before the state’s primary.

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