The Obama campaign on Sunday released its latest Spotify playlist, a compilation of songs suggested by supporters to a request for suggestions the campaign sent over Twitter and Tumblr this weekend.

Afternoon soundtrack: the #Obama2012 supporter-picks playlist. OFA.BO/bAZ2Rw

— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) May 7, 2012

When the campaign released its first Spotify playlist in February of its official 2012 campaign playlist, Washington Post music critic Chris Richards reviewed it:

This is a collection of songs designed to make the recipient fall in love with the sender.

Only, Obama has a vast and varied electorate to woo — and that means his playlist does a lot of herky-jerky genre jumping. The results are not all swoon-worthy.

GALLERY: President Obama’s campaign playlist

Did the hive mind come up with a better playlist than the Obama staff? The new version of the playlist, intended to get supporters “fired up,” is here. It includes 17 tracks from Janelle Monae, Ricky Martin, Los Lobos, Journey, Aretha Franklin, the Arcade Fire and others.

The campaign says in its description of the playlist that they will continue to curate songs from supporters through November.

The Romney campaign also has a playlist. It does not have an official Spotify account, but a user created a version of the Romney playlist you can subscribe to here.

Which songs would you suggest the candidates add to their playlists?

Tell us in the comments section or tweet me @NGJennings with the songs you think would speak to the campaigns and their supporters.

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