Barack Obama (Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)

The Obama reelection campaign sent out a mass e-mail Wednesday asking donors to “pitch in $2 or whatever you can” to be entered into a contest for a meal with Obama.

The amount marks a 33 percent discount from previous entreaties, which routinely asked for $3 donations. (Technically speaking, there is no donation of any kind required to be entered into the raffle, as noted in the fine print.)

An Obama spokesman declined to comment on the price drop, though the campaign notes that it tests varying messages and dollar amounts in its fund-raising pitches. The campaign has had three previous dinner-with-the-president contests, and two of those contest winners have shared a meal with Obama so far, officials said.

The cheaper dinner date comes in the wake of a series of sobering revelations about the campaign’s fund-raising efforts.Obama saw a dip in numbers last month and appears unlikely to meet his record $745 million campaign haul from 2008 if he continues on his current track.

In addition, a super PAC set up to support the president’s reelection raised a dismal $58,800 in January, even as GOP super PACs are collecting checks of up to $5 million at a time for their efforts. Obama shifted course this month by declaring that he would offer his support to the group, Priorities USA Action, which like all super PACs can raise and spend unlimited funds.

View the fund-raising e-mail below: