President Obama’s name was mentioned on Twitter 112,294 times on Wednesday after he endorsed same-sex marriage.

That’s the highest total mentions he’s had in a 24-hour period since the @MentionMachine began counting tweets in January.

The Obama campaign’s own tweet of the announcement was retweeted 47,000 times, according to social analytics site Topsy.

”Same-sex couples should be able to get married.”—President Obama

— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) May 9, 2012

According to Twitter’s data, same-sex marriage and related terms were being tweeted as many as 7,347 times per minute on Wednesday.

Gay marriage conversation peaked at 7,347 Tweets per minute at 3:22p ET yesterday. CHART:…

— Twitter Government (@gov) May 10, 2012

And same-sex marriage and related terms were mentioned 1.6 million times Wednesday — more than on any other day since President Obama took office.

1.6M gay marriage-related Tweets yesterday doubled previous record, when NY state passed its law. CHART:…

— Twitter Government (@gov) May 10, 2012

But buzz wasn’t the only result of the announcement. Dan Eggen reports the Obama campaign received a surge in donations after the news broke.

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