Texas Gov. Rick Perry is receiving a pension from the state of Texas while he serves as governor, he disclosed in a federal filing Friday.

The Republican presidential candidate is collecting a $7,698 monthly retirement benefit from the state, according to the filing. He also disclosed that he has up to $1.4 million to his name.

Ray Sullivan, a Perry campaign spokesman, said that state law allows workers to collect retirement benefits while still getting a salary if the sum of their years of service for the state and the military and their age adds up to 80 or more. Perry, who turned 61 on March 4, served in the Air Force and the state legislature, becoming governor in 2000.
“The annuity payment derives from years of paying into the Texas employee retirement system combined with his years of military service," Sullivan said. "It is something that he fully paid for and earned because of his service to his country and our state."

The document, required of all federal political candidates, shows that Perry owns $1.1 million to $2.4 million in assets. His campaign, however, said that the form contains double counting and the correct value of his assets is between $700,000 and $1.4 million.

The Perry campaign said that two trusts listed on the form were liquidated to cash or money market funds.

The federal form shows that Perry’s wife, Anita, received an $85,000 annual consulting fee from the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault in Austin.