Rick Perry and Mitt Romney’s campaigns released dueling web videos Tuesday morning, as both campaigns race to define the Texas governor’s jobs record on their terms.

After weeks of attacking Romney, Perry’s campaign is focusing on its own candidate, with a feel-good web video hailing Perry as “America’s Jobs Governor.” Set to an uplifting soundtrack, the video includes extensive footage from Perry’s speech last week outside Pittsburgh, where he unveiled an energy plan he says would help create 1.2 million new jobs.

“Get back to what we know works, and that’s to get America working again,” Perry says in the 2-minute, 20-second video. “Make what Americans buy, buy what Americans make and sell it to the world.”

Meanwhile, Romney’s campaign released its toughest attack yet on Perry’s jobs record. Under Perry’s leadership, Texas accounted for roughly 40 percent of all new jobs in America since 2009, but the Romney campaign is trying to exploit other elements of the state’s economic data. The 59-second video is the primary feature of a new anti-Perry Webs ite, www.careerpolitician.com, which Romney’s campaign launched on Tuesday

The Romney video opens with footage of ABC’s George Stephanopoulos saying that unemployment doubled in Texas during Perry’s decade as governor and that 65 percent of the Texas job gains since 2007 are government jobs, to which Perry replied: “I disagree with your numbers.”

At that, with ominous music playing, the Romney video flashes the text, in capital letters: “Disagree? It’s a fact.” Then the video shows a stream of data points -- over 1 million Texans out of work, highest unemployment rate in Texas in over 20 years, nearly half of new jobs in Texas over the last four years went to illegal immigrants -- before comparing this record to President Obama’s.

“Incumbent politician, bad jobs record, won’t face the facts, sound familiar?” the video asks. “If Rick Perry and Barack Obama don’t think there’s a problem, how can they fix it?”