A pro-Obama super PAC is joining up with one of the country’s largest labor unions to launch a Spanish-language broadside against Mitt Romney this summer in three key battleground states.

Priorities USA Action and the Service Employees International Union on Monday unveiled their plans to launch a $4 million ad campaign against the presumptive GOP nominee in Colorado, Nevada and Florida, a trio of swing states with a Latino-heavy population.

The effort — which includes 30-second TV ads and minute-long radio ads featuring Romney’s own words in English and the reactions of viewers in Spanish — launches this week and is expected to run throughout the summer, according to a release provided by the groups to The Washington Post. It is being touted as “one of the largest-ever independent Spanish-language campaign efforts.”

“In the primary process, Mitt Romney embraced the most extreme policies in the history of the Republican party,” SEIU Secretary-Treasurer Eliseo Medina said in a statement. “Latinos say they are insulted and angry when they watch Romney, a multi-millionaire with a couple Cadillacs, joke about his ‘unemployment’ status. When Latinos hear Romney, in his own words, they really know what’s going on and what he is saying.”

The two groups will hold a conference call at 2:30 p.m. Monday to announce the Spanish-language ad effort; speaking on the call will be Medina; Priorities USA Action senior adviser Paul Begala; SEIU Political Director Brandon Davis; and Raphael Suarez, an SEIU Local 1199 member from Kissimmee, Fla.

Polls show Romney kicking off the 2012 general election at a significant disadvantage when it comes to the Latino vote; recent Washington Post-ABC News surveys show the presumptive GOP nominee trailing Obama by as much as 44 percentage points.

Romney has worked to make up ground by releasing several Spanish-language ads of his own, but his spending thus far has been dwarfed by that of the Obama campaign, which has spent a reported $1.7 million to Romney’s $33,000.

Obama’s campaign began using Spanish-language ads on April 17 and has had a Spanish-language Web site since February. Romney’s Web site does not yet have a Spanish version.

The trio of states in which the SEIU and Priorities USA Action are airing their ads are the same states in which the Obama campaign launched its first Spanish-language ads of the cycle.

Below is the English-language script of the Florida TV ad as provided by Priorities USA Action and the SEIU:

Script for Florida television ad (English) –

(text on screen) MITT ROMNEY IN HIS OWN WORDS.

ROMNEY: You can focus on the very poor, that’s not my focus

VOTER 1 FEMALE: What about us? He’s not thinking about us.

VOTER 2 MALE: It’s easy for him to say that since he doesn’t have the same necessities as us.

VOTER 1 FEMALE: He is… just thinking about those that have made money already.


ROMNEY: I’ll also tell my story: I’m also unemployed.

VOTER 2 MALE: When you are really out of work… you are worried, you don’t want to laugh or make fun of anybody.

VOTER 1 FEMALE: I feel that he should not be the person that leads this country.

(voice over) SEIU COPE is responsible for the content of this advertisement.

(text on screen) Mitt Romney: His words say it all.

The Colorado TV ad (and script):

The Nevada TV ad (and script):

The Florida radio ad:


And the Nevada and Colorado radio ads: