An earlier version of this story incorrectly quoted Gov. Rick Perry’s comment on homosexuality. The story has been corrected.

There are plenty of things that can throw a presidential candidate for a loop—nosy journalists and raucous tea party or Occupy Wall Street protesters come to mind. But the surprise scourge of the 2012 campaign trail seems to be...children.

They’re not old enough to vote, but the YouTube generation is certainly proving savvy enough to be a thorn in the sides of presidential candidates.

The latest to have such an encounter is Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who was campaigning in Iowa on Sunday when 14-year-old Rebecka Green asked Perry why he opposes gay people serving openly in the military.

Perry told Green that his beliefs came from his Christian faith. “There are a whole host of sins,” Perry said. “Homosexuality being one of them.”

After the exchange, Green told reporters that she is openly bisexual and called the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy “completely ridiculous,” the National Journal reported.

Click over to National Journal to see video of the interaction.

Perry’s fellow GOP candidate Michele Bachmann can sympathize. A YouTube video went viral earlier this month showing Bachmann confronted at a South Carolina book-signing by an 8-year-old boy named Elijah, who whispered to the candidate that his mom is gay and “Doesn’t need fixing.”

Watch the full video of Bachmann’s encounter below.