A day after Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D) said that Mitt Romney’s family came from “a polygamy commune in Mexico,” the presumptive Republican presidential nominee defended his father in an interview with Fox News.

“My dad’s dad was not a polygamist. My dad grew up in a family with a mom and a dad and a few brothers and one sister,” Romney told Fox News chief political correspondent Carl Cameron. “They lived in Mexico and lived a very nice life there, from what I understand, and then when he was 5 or 6 years old there was a revolution in Mexico. They escaped ... My dad had a very tough upbringing.”

Schweitzer did not back down from his comments, made in an interview with the Daily Beast..

On Friday, Eric Stern, senior counselor to Schweitzer, said in a statement to The Daily Beast:

“The governor believes exactly what he said: that Romney is in a pickle. He’s in serious trouble with Hispanics because he took a crazy, extreme position on immigration during the primary (deport even those who may have come here illegally 50 years ago who have children and grandchildren who are naturalized citizens)…Romney will probably not choose to highlight his own family’s connection to Mexico as a way of reaching out to Hispanics, because that history involves a polygamy colony, which is something that Romney doesn’t like to discuss.”

Romney’s father, George, was born in Mexico and moved to the United States as a child. He went on to become the governor of Michigan.

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