Mitt Romney called the uptick in unemployment “very bad news for middle class families of America,” seizing on the paltry job numbers for May as confirmation of President Obama’s failed policies.

In this May 31, 2012 file photo, Mitt Romney speaks outside the Solyndra manufacturing facility, in Fremont, Calif. Romney says Friday's jobs report is “very bad news” for American families. (Mary Altaffer/Associated Press)

“The president’s policies and his handling of the economy has been dealt a harsh indictment this morning, and it continues,” Romney said in an interview with CNBC. “We’ve had 40 straight months with unemployment over 8 percent. 40 straight months....Their policies have not worked and in many respects, their policies have made it harder for the economy to recover,” he said. “I think that’s one of the reasons why people are looking for a new direction.”

Romney, who clinched the 1144 delegates this week needed to claim the GOP nomination, said Obama keeps casting about looking to pin the blame elsewhere and has not prioritized the economy.

Weekly unemployment claims say an uptick and 69,000 jobs were created in May, down from 115,000 in April.

“Unfortunately you have had a president that’s been more focused on his perspective of his historic legislative achievements than he has been focused on getting people back to work,” Romney said. “Jobs are job one for the presidency. And this president instead put in place Obamacare which his own team insisted would slow the recovery and it has.”

Romney has spent the week campaigning and fundraising out West, appearing with Donald Trump and Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice who endorsed him.

Romney also got an unlikely endorsement of sorts from Bill Clinton who called his record at Bain Capital “sterling.”

Romney said he would put America on track to a balanced budget, open up new markets for American trade, change the labor management field, and lower tax rates on employers.

“All of these things come together to say you put together a pro-growth, pro-investment, pro-jobs, pro-job creating philosophy and strategy and American employers will start hiring again,” Romney said, adding later that Obama’s policies have done the opposite. “The president’s policies have pretty much all come together to be depressing to the economy. And as a result some of the Fed’s stimulus efforts have fallen on hard times.”