Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama were 2008 primary rivals — and the Romney campaign doesn’t want you to forget it.


The header of a Romney campaign e-mail sent out to reporters Thursday afternoon features the phrase “Shame on you, Barack Obama” — the same words Clinton uttered when blasting her then-primary rival during a February 2008 news conference. On one side of the Romney camp’s release is a photo of Obama; on the other is an image of Clinton at the 2008 news conference.

The release comes on the heels of the Romney camp’s second TV ad to use footage from the same event.

Both sides have played the game of using primary-rival footage against general-election opponents (see this Obama Web video from early May that compiles the “greatest hits” of Newt Gingrich’s Bain criticism).

But effectively using footage of criticism from a 2008 primary rival would seem to be a tougher task than exploiting footage from several months ago — particularly when that former rival serves in the candidate’s current administration.

Might the Romney camp’s use of Clinton’s past criticism of Obama pay off? To what types of voters is it likely to appeal? The comments section awaits.