WICHITA, Kansas – Rick Santorum may have won Saturday’s Kansas GOP caucus battle, but Mitt Romney’s camp is declaring victory in the weekend’s overall delegate war.

(REUTERS/Marvin Gentry)

“Today, Mitt Romney won more delegates than any of the other candidates and continued his momentum and path to getting the delegates needed to secure the Republican nomination,” Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul said in a statement.

“In what was hyped as a big opportunity for Rick Santorum, he again fell short of making a dent in Mitt Romney’s already large delegate lead, much less of winning the 65% of the remaining delegates that is required for him to have a chance at getting 1,144 (he won less than 50%).”

The campaign’s tally shows Romney taking a total of 38 delegates on Saturday – nine each in Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands, seven in the Virgin Islands, seven in Kansas and at least six in Wyoming, where the final delegate count has yet to be determined.

Santorum, according to the Romney camp’s numbers, took 33 delegates in Kansas and at least one in Wyoming, but zero in the three U.S. territories, giving the former senator from Pennsylvania a total of 34 delegates for the day.

It’s worth noting that while 12 of Wyoming’s delegates were allocated at Saturday’s county conventions, the remaining 14 at-large delegates will be chosen at the state convention next month.