DUBUQUE, Iowa – It seems Mitt Romney has become something of a fortune teller for the political set.

Returning to Iowa for a campaign swing on Monday, the Republican presidential candidate tried to predict the future.

“A jeans-clad @MittRomney takes a campaign ad-perfect stage in Dubuque. Lots of film crews in the house. #2012unfiltered ” (Philip Rucker/The Washington Post via Instagram)

Romney made no mention of his GOP opponents, but had withering criticism of President Obama. He predicted that a generation from now, Americans would be asking each other, “How did you make it through the Obama Great Recession?” And Romney promised to bring change to Washington in the form of balanced budgets.

“I will slay the deficit beast,” Romney said. “It’s killing jobs, it’s shadowing our future and it’s keeping our kids from having the bright prospects they deserve.”

Romney, appearing relaxed and clad in Tommy Bahama blue jeans and an open-collared blue plaid shirt, delivered a version of his stump speech on a factory floor.

Romney cited his business experience as proof that he could wean Washington off its historic habit of spending more than it brings in in tax revenue.

“To me, this is not an impossible dream,” Romney said. “It’s something I’ve seen happen in other settings. I’ve spent my life doing what you guys are doing. I’ve spent my life in the private sector…. In business, there’s no question about whether you should balance the budget. You have to balance your budget. Otherwise you’d go broke.”

“In Dubuque, Iowa, Giese Manufacturing welcomes @MittRomney with custom steel logos, big and small. #2012unfiltered ” (Philip Rucker/The Washington Post via Instagram)

Romney recalled his last visit to Giese Manufacturing, with his wife, Ann, during his 2008 campaign.

“She and I were on a stage that was in two parts and it was about, I don’t know, 18 inches high, and as she was standing on her side one of the legs collapsed and she went down and landed on her back side. The crowd – big crowd – a big ‘oohhhh’ came out of the crowd,” Romney recalled. Folks here nodded their heads because they, too, remember.

“She got up,” Romney said. “She turned to me and she said, ‘I fell on ‘da butt in Dubuque.”

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