ORLANDO – After getting the better of Newt Gingrich in Thursday night’s debate, Mitt Romney is trying to rub it in. 

The increasingly confident, and increasingly punchy, former Massachusetts governor took a fresh swipe at the former House speaker at a campaign rally here Friday night, likening him to the fairy tale character “Goldilocks.”

“Now, Speaker Gingrich said (about) the debate before last night that the crowd wasn’t allowed to cheer, so he couldn’t do so well because the crowd was too quiet. Then last night, he said the crowd was too loud. It’s like Goldilocks – you know, the porridge is too hot, the porridge is too cold.” 

“Look, I’m looking forward to debating Barack Obama,” Romney continued. “I’m not worried about the crowd. I’m going to make sure we tell the truth to Barack Obama and we get him out of the White House.”

Romney’s comments came at a boisterous evening rally at a paint warehouse in a Hispanic neighborhood of Orlando. Stepping onto stage to loud Latin tunes, Romney picked up the endorsement of Puerto Rico Gov. Luis Fortuño, one of the Republican Party’s rising stars. They shared the stage with Sen. John McCain, the party’s 2008 nominee.

“What did you think of last night’s debate?” McCain asked. “Very rarely in these things do you see a knockout. You saw one last night. You saw Mitt Romney at his best.” 

McCain added: “It’s time we stop the debates. We’ve had enough – 19 of them…I’m tired of the mud wrestling, and aren’t you? So let’s stop that and get into the regular campaign because on Tuesday, the state of Florida will send Mitt Romney to the White House.” 

Fortuño endorsed Romney here, saying the candidate wouldmake a priority of Puerto Rico as president and has committed to extending homeland security protections to the commonwealth.

“In the last few years, many of us feel that this will be the first generation of moms and dads that actually have children that will not be able to do as well or better than we did,” Fortuño said. “That can’t be. That is un-American. That’s why we are standing up and saying, no more.

 “That is why we need a leader in Washington who understands how to balance budgets,” he said, turning to Romney. “He’s done it. Who understands that in order to bring jobs, we need to cut taxes – he did it. Who understands it is the private sector that will be creating jobs, not the government.”